The Ghost of Sephera
The Ghost of Sephera (Theodore Crane) (Volume 2)
The Ghost of Sephera
Having left his innocuous childhood on Earth behind for the adventures of outer space, Theodore Crane now thrusts himself into desolate conditions, vowing to find two valued members of his crew that were lost in battle, and to rejoin the Opposition. After falling into a state of disarray, the Opposition must retrench in order to rid the universe of the two demigods who threaten the freedom of the Galaxy. Somehow, Theodore must help the Opposition's freedom fighters--and give them hope. Along his journey, Theodore and his crew learn of an all-powerful omnipotent mainframe, Eppa. Records of her existence suggest that she knows everything and sees everything. If Theodore can find Eppa, he may determine the outcome of the Galaxy. The Ghost of Sephera is a rollicking space adventure to be enjoyed by readers age twelve and up.*Each month, I will give 100% of net proceeds from each sale of my books to the Wounded Warrior Foundation; whether it's a dollar or a thousand. Thank you.

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  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Ghost of Sephera continues the journey of Theodore and his friends as they attempt to save the world. In the first book, The Acolytes of Crane, they were drawn into an intergalactic war. In this second book, they are the key players in the battle of saving the galaxy.


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