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Mason Garcia is a young man with a military father. Because of this, he has to move frequently. This last move caused him to leave the ocean he loves for a sleepy little town where the only interesting place is a quiet park.

His new home becomes much more exciting when he finds that he has little people called the Punwees living all around. So the mystery begins...are the Punwees real? If so, who or what are they? Why can't anyone else see them?

Mason unravels the answers to these questions and manages to make some pretty great friends in the process.

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The book caught my attention and I enjoyed my reading. Sophie, a regular teenager, 16 years, trapped in a school where she finds out she is a god. Persephone being her god form and Sophie being the human form. A little change of plans when Kyrillos breaks the reality in which Sophie was living. Now she has to learn how to deal with the fallout and some how get back to her reality.
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Comprised of childhood drawings, unfinished sketches, and wacky musings, Red Rohl’s 2 year book project, Heavy Sketches Among Worldly Distractions, can be summarized in three words: adolescent, spontaneous, and ludicrous.

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James Salley turns sixteen on the day that the story begins, and after being bullied almost all day he finds himself on top of a water tower contemplating suicide. His family couldn't even be bothered to stay at their house long enough that morning to wish him a happy birthday! When he notices someone following him, he begins to ask questions he wished he wouldn't have. James is told that he is the Anti-Christ. After he lets that sink in for a while, he notices that it puts a wrench in his plan of Dorian Delaney falling in love with him.

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The Sugar Mountain Snowball is about two best friends named Ruby and Eleanor. Ruby and Eleanor both have dreams, but each dream is very different. Ruby has dreamed for a long time to mingle with the “outsiders”, who are very rich and happy. Eleanor who is both smart and creative dreams to someday have her own fashion line.

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The book Two for Joy is an amazing adventure seen through the eyes of a young girl named Jenna. It all starts when her great aunt, Tannie, falls off of a back porch step and breaks her ankle. After that, Jenna’s mom decides that Tannie needs to move in with them. However, this poses a problem when her aunt doesn’t want to go.

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In Gamers, life is a game.

Gabby DeCorte is a good student. In LifeGame, she gets points for brushing her teeth, keeping her room clean, and taking pop quizzes. She is told that earning more points will help her to get the best jobs.

That's a complete lie.

The students with less points slowly disappear. As Gabby learns the truth, she must decide whether winning is worthwhile anymore. What will Gabby do? Read Gamers to find out!

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Defeated a monster who killed your parents? Check. Managed to graduate high school? Check. Get a super cute and kind boyfriend? Check. Welcome back to the world of fairytales, a world which Albany French, the heroine of this story, is very used to by now. After graduating Happily Ever After High School, Albany returns in the sequel, Once Upon a Time University, which can definitely stand alone from the previous book. After getting settled on campus, Albany gets swept into the whirlwind of tournaments, amazing friends, and the cute dimpled face of her boyfriend.

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Buck Anderson seems like your typical 13-year-old boy. He likes comic books, helps his dad with cutting down trees for lumber, and does odd jobs for his uncle, including taking care of an old man named Jacob. Buck also rides around on his bike, exploring the outdoors with friends.

There are four major reasons why Buck isn't typical. First, Buck's best friend, David,  moved away, leaving him friendless. Second, Buck is 4'9" and can fit into very small spaces. Third, because Buck can fit in such small spaces, he explores caves. Finally, Buck stutters.


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