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Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 12
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Mayberry Hansen is the new kid in Eden Grove, Minnesota. She was also the odd one out. With a style opposite to all of the other girls in high school and a sarcastic personality, she makes many enemies right away.
Marshall Jackson has always lived in the boring town of Eden Grove. He goes to school, comes home, and then goes back again the next day. With his family's failing finances, and his old broken-down house, Marshall doesn't really have much to smile or talk about. Marshall Jackson is not a popular boy.
The two meet soon after Mayberry moves to town and quickly become friends. When going on a hike in an abandoned park, Marshall tells Mayberry about the legend of the wishing tree. They find a huge, old tree a while later and make a wish to go to a different world and be able to do magic. Soon, the duo falls asleep.
When they wake up, they are in a different universe called Nith that is filled with strange creatures that are way farther up in the food chain. The two quickly regret their wish as it becomes more and more difficult to make it back to the tree so that they can return to their own world. With the help of a young man/boy named Aaron who entered Nith years ago while running away from his problems and sorrows on Earth, the trio plans an escape from the enslavement they have been put in. There are battles and magic galore, and the duo isn't sure if they'll make it back to Earth or live to tell the tale.


Between Worlds is a book about overcoming obstacles and defining what is possible. Mayberry and Marshall go through this fantastic journey, running, plotting, and fighting their way out of anything that comes their way. What it comes down to in the end of the book, though, is that you can't do it alone. Teamwork is a very important aspect of this book. Mayberry, Marshall, and even Aaron can't defeat the evil by themselves. They all need to work together to break the barrier.
In this book, Brittenham develops the characters very well. All of them are unique in their own way. Mayberry is a strong girl who likes to explore and set her own standards of what is possible. She is sarcastic, yet at the same time she is sweet, caring, and determined. Marshall is a boy who dreams of having an awesome life but doesn't hold much hope of it happening. He is courageous, strong, and brave, just not all the time. He has a crush on Mayberry but doesn't want to ruin their friendship, so in that way he is both shy and thoughtful. Aaron is a character who has simply lost hope. He lost hope in survival, family, and life. Mayberry and Marshall come and ignite that flame of spirit once more in his worn body.
I loved how Brittenham wove all of these different characters, plots, and backstories into one story that kept you on your toes and begging for more. I loved the prologue and how it tied into the story, explaining Aaron's grief and hopelessness. This story was well-written, with lots of detail and a great plot line. I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling tale.
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There is YA-acceptable romance, lots of death resulting in quite a bit of blood and gore, and some grotesque images and detail.

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