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Nemesis is a Diabolic, a creature with heightened strength and power. A Diabolic has only one mission: To protect their loved one… no matter what. Sworn to protect Sidonia, whose father belongs to the galactic Senate, Nemesis has no mission other than to protect Sidonia.  However, when Sidonia’s father causes trouble throughout the empire, Nemesis must be sent in place of Sidonia in order to appease the higher-ups. But a Diabolic isn’t taught human tendencies, and Nemesis needs those more than ever. As she struggles to find her place amidst normals, Nemesis must find it in her to become human – or die trying.


Upon opening this book, I found myself intrigued from the get-go. The first chapter gripped me and I found myself curious to find out more about the universe. The story was very fast-paced and didn’t bore at any moment.

The main character, Nemesis, was a different protagonist than most books have. She wasn’t quite human, so it was very interesting to have the story from her perspective. She was a strong character throughout the book, both physically and mentally. It was an intriguing experience to see her grow from the start of the story to the end.
The author did an amazing job describing the universe the characters lived in. The descriptions weren’t too lengthy, but were just the right amount of words to explain the world and what was happening.
This book is an excellent read for those who love the young adult genre. Filled with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat, The Diabolic is sure to impress.

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Content rating - mature content

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Various scenes of violence and death, most of it bloody. Some kisses here and there as well as mentions of sex.

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