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Rick Riordan has done it again with the first book in his new series: The Trials of Apollo -  The Hidden Oracle. In this amazing tale, Apollo falls to earth and turns from a god into a mortal. When Apollo finds himself in a dumpster on the streets, he doesn’t know what he has done to deserve it; all he remembers is his father, Zeus, telling him, “Your fault, your punishment.” The next thing he knows is he is a mortal, falling from Olympus. 

Apollo sits in shock thinking about what to do next, when he is attacked by some thieves. He has no chance against the criminals in his mortal state. While he is getting horribly pummeled, a little girl shows up and somehow singlehandedly beats up both of the crooks, and they run away.  Her name is Meg McCaffrey, who turns out to be a demi-god. 

When he tells Meg that the only way he can get back on his father’s good side and return to Olympus is to work as a slave for a demigod, she instantly claims his service. Wishing he hadn’t told her about what he needed to do, they travel to the only place where they believe they will be safe. When they get there, though, it turns out to be an entirely different story.


I think Rick Riordan has struck gold with this new addition to the Percy Jackson universe. It was really descriptive and had a lot of references from everyday life. (Gods e-mailing each other? Who knew?) I loved every second of it, and it held up to my high expectations from the previous books.  The characters were also described really well. Near the beginning of the book Apollo was a snob who didn’t really care about anyone else except himself. Towards the end he started realizing that he wasn’t the only one in the world that mattered. I love how Rick Riordan always finds a way to expand the Percy Jackson universe, even in the third series! I would recommend this book to anyone who has read any of the Percy Jackson books or to anyone who loves mythology.

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Content rating - some mature content

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There were some fight sequences and a little blood.

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