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My Life Hereafter
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Paranormal

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Age at time of review - 16
Reviewer's Location - Yucaipa, CA, United States
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She only wanted to play a small prank. She never imagined what the consequences of her actions would be. Sunel is an average teenager that desperately seeks the attention of others. When a seemingly harmless prank goes awry, a school bus driving Sunel and her classmates dives off a cliff. Sunel wakes to a confusing afterlife where she and her classmates must learn not only to forgive each other, but to forgive themselves.


This book started off quickly and gained my attention immediately. The plot stayed fast-paced throughout the entirety of the read and I rarely got bored. The main character, Sunel, was a likable and believable character. The majority of teenage girls will be able to relate to the emotions Sunel felt throughout the book.

The romantic relationship in this book could have been enhanced a little more because it felt rushed and unbelievable. I wish it was developed more in order to establish a well-rounded relationship between the characters. Fleshing this out part of the plot would have made the romance more authentic.

Overall, this story is a great read for anyone who likes life-after-death stories with relatable characters and a swift plot.

Content Rating:

Content rating - some mature content

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The majority of the book revolves around death and dying. There are also minor sexual references.

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