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A century in the future, scientists on Earth decide to launch a project where they observe criminals and others for 5 years and if they approve of them, they are sent to Mars as a 2nd chance or to be groomed for the upscale police force, or the Security Force Elite. Shamira, the daughter of two members, becomes blind at a young age due to an unfortunate accident. Despite her setbacks, she tracks down villains and make them pay, while still being a good sister to David, her younger brother. She goes to Earth to regain her eyesight and when she comes back, it is worse than she imagined. Shamira must solve the case of why Monev, an evil organization, is kidnapping kids and she can't do it alone.


I've always liked mystery books, TV shows, and movies. I mean, my favorite TV show is Psych! Add a little sci-fi and suddenly, it is unique. The casual way LM Preston slipped in things like," she lived in the dark most of her life", or "since they were part of the Elite team", almost like she was explaining something to a friend and wrote down the conversation. Even the cool technology found its way into the rhythm of the book. It was a fairly interesting and fun to read, in fact,my only problem with the book was the way some of the names were cliche. Why was it called the Pack, anyway?



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