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Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 17
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Vee Delancourt lives in a world that has been reduced to using child labor. If a child’s parents can’t pay the tax to keep any extra children, their children are sent to the government known as the System to do grueling, all-day work. Vee is one of those children, along with her brother. Given to the System to do their hard work, Vee works tirelessly every day just trying to survive. Step out of line, and she’s dead. She tries her best not to disobey, but when she finds out about the horrible things happening to some of the other girls who work with her, she knows she can’t stay for long. When an unfortunate incident forces Vee’s hands, she has no choice but to escape the farm and go outside the fence. Accompanied by only a few friends, Vee knows that the only way they’ll survive is to keep their hope. Without hope, they have no chance. Will Vee and her friends survive to take down the System?


The first thing that made me want to read this book was the beautiful cover art. I recognized the artist almost immediately as one who makes fan-made edits, as well as book covers. I love the way the girl stands just outside the fence with her back facing the cover. It’s a really great cover.
The first chapter grabbed me right from the start. I was immediately intrigued as to what might happen next, and how the author would grow the world. Unfortunately, I think that the book was just too short for me to really get a sense of the universe. What descriptions of the world I did get were very well put, however I just felt that, had the story been longer, it would have given me more insight as to how the world worked and all the interesting themes about it.
The main character, Vee, was a very stubborn but likeable character. She wasn’t stubborn so as to annoy, but stubborn enough that she didn’t back down easily. I felt that she obeyed only when she absolutely had to, but tried to do what she thought was right at all times.
Overall, this book had an interesting storyline and an amazing protagonist, however I think it should have been longer to fully immerse the reader in the world.

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There are various scenes of violence and bloody wounds. Some kissing. There are mentions of rape, though nothing is described in detail.

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