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Books vs. Movies

Though movies, due to time limits, must leave some of the details out that the books entail (Harry Potter's Peeves, anyone?), movies can much more visual, giving you something solid to see instead of leaving the setup of the novel to your imagination--which can be a good or bad thing. (Ever had a character or setting constructed in your mind and when the movie comes out it seems all wrong? Yeah, there's a con.) All people are different--some are going to respond to the visual effects and representation, and some are going to gravitate toward the more imaginative side of things--black and white letters on a page.
3 years 10 months ago

Do you have to finish every book?

It's totally fine to stop reading a book! Every person is different--just as every book is different. A book I read and disliked may be someone's all-time favorite! I usually try to read the first four chapters--they cover most of the exposition and some of the rising action. If you aren't into the book by then, it's OK to drop it--there's no use wasting time reading a book you despise when you could be busy finding the next Literary Classic!
4 years 4 weeks ago

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