Melissa Webster

Melissa currently lives in Patchogue, New York, with her husband, James, five-year-old daughter, Lilyanna, and their dog (furbaby), Alfie. Melissa enjoys spending her time with her family at the beach, boating, and traveling. In her spare time, Melissa is an active member of her church as a catechist coordinator and alpha host. She is a wish granter for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Suffolk County and sits on various charity committees. She has a passion for children’s literature. Mostly she loves being a stay-at-home mother and wife.

When Lilyanna began preschool, like most children, she endured separation anxiety. Melissa read every book on the subject and sought professional advice to help her daughter with the transition. It was a very trying and upsetting time for everyone. Melissa soon discovered that most of the books did not address the fact that the anxiety resurfaces for the child throughout their day at school, and continues the next day, sometimes for weeks. Melissa wanted Lilyanna to learn to use her own skills to control these anxious thoughts, and not allow them to roil around in her mind. Thus Fabulous Faith in Meet My Worry Monster was born. It is written from the child’s perspective and is presented in a cute, funny, and empowering way for children and adults.



Joining LitPick today for a Six Minutes with an Author interview is Melissa Webster! Melissa is the author of Fabulous Faith in Meet My Worry Monster. In addition to being an author, Melissa is a busy stay-at-home mom and wife, volunteering at her church, sitting on various charity committees, and volunteering for Make-A-Wish Foundation as a wish granter.

How did you get started writing?

I always loved writing and found it to be a therapeutic outlet for me. It relaxes, motivates and allows me to express my creative side.

Who influenced you?

My five-year-old daughter, Lilyanna, influenced me.  I started reading her books when she was born and fell in love with children’s literature. We laugh that she could have her own library by now. 

Do you have a favorite book/subject/character/setting?

I love the classic Velveteen Rabbit and God Gave Us You.  I am a fan of Nancy Tillman’s and Dr. Wayne Dwyer’s children’s books especially... they are so empowering.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to be an author?

Just go for it! Don't be afraid to take chances or step outside of your comfort zone. Take your time with it. Let it be a labor of love, and remember it is never too late to chase a dream.

Where is your favorite place to write?

My favorite place to write is at my dining room table early in the morning before anyone wakes. That is my "me" time.

What else would you like to tell us?

I wrote this book to help my daughter who was suffering from separation anxiety. I wanted to help her realize she was in control of her thoughts and to give her easy tools to apply. When I saw how much she benefited from this book, I decided to publish it so I could share it with others to help them as well.  I will be making this book a series, and my next one will be about not having to be perfect. I think all of us struggle with that. I look forward to spreading more empowering positive messages to children and adults alike.


Thank you for spending six minutes with LitPick, Melissa! We imagine your daughter is thrilled to have inspired your writing career!


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