William Stuart

William Stuart is a ten-year veteran of the US Navy Submarine Force, works in the animal health field, and is the proud father of his daughter Laura and grandfather of two wonderful grandchildren, Aidan and Maggie. When he isn’t working, he enjoys rock-hunting, gold prospecting, playing softball, playing golf, and dabbling in woodworking. He lives in the Greater Atlanta area with Lana, his lovely and adorable wife of over twenty-five years.

Interview from Clean Indie Reads:

CIR:  What inspired The Gemstone Chronicles?
STUART:  My grandson (the real Aidan whose namesake graces the book) and I were out gem hunting in the north Georgia mountains and we were discussing the “magical” properties of gemstones. Aidan suggested that I write a book with elves and gemstones and The Gemstone Chronicles books were born!
CIR:  A character is named after a person in your life.  Are any of the characters actually patterned after people you know?

STUART:  Yes, for the characters of Aidan, Maggie, Nana, and Beebop, I used our names (or at least what our grandchildren call us). I used a lot of family names translated into elvish, though I didn’t give any of those characters traits from their namesakes. Aidan, Maggie, Nana, and I all had pieces of us in the characters. And Nana’s food blog is real!


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