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Tesseract. Point. Dimension. All of these words are math and science words that help us understand the world a whole lot better. There is a zeroth dimension, second and third dimensions, and even a fourth dimension. All of these are unique and are friends of scientists everywhere. In this book, get ready to go on a journey to discover the mysteries of science and the phenomenal knowledge that awaits you.

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Have you ever imagined owning a dragon? These great beasts are glorious, majestic, and powerful. If you ever have, then you are a lot like nine year old Billy Jones. Billy has always wanted a pet dragon, and when he finds a book about a world full of dragons, he devours the pages one by one, holding on to every detail.

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Many people dream of a band of superheroes coming down from the sky to help them in their misery and pain. To many people, that is impossible, but not to everyone.


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Mayberry Hansen is the new kid in Eden Grove, Minnesota. She was also the odd one out. With a style opposite to all of the other girls in high school and a sarcastic personality, she makes many enemies right away.
Marshall Jackson has always lived in the boring town of Eden Grove. He goes to school, comes home, and then goes back again the next day. With his family's failing finances, and his old broken-down house, Marshall doesn't really have much to smile or talk about. Marshall Jackson is not a popular boy.
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Antonio Chuffat is a half Chinese (chino) half African (africano) boy, born and raised by his Chinese father in Cuba. His ancestors immagrated from Asia and Africa. He is Cuban born, yet he feels different than others born on what he calls the "Island of Death".

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