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In the year 2027, the USS Carl Sagan was sent out to expand humanity's reach throughout the universe, a need fueled by the rising population and growing overcrowding on Earth. Three hundred years later, after establishing a colony they called Maximus Prime, the Sagan is returning to Earth.

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The History Major, a story by Michael Phillip Cash, is the story of Amanda Greene, a college freshman. After a night out, she wakes up with little memory of what happened. She vaguely remembers a lot of drinks and a fight with her boyfriend, but none of that can explain what she finds.

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Nina Kane is an exorcist. This means she is able to cast out demons, which she has been taught are fighting against the church. However, once she learns that the church is run by demons, she makes a whole new enemy. Now she is on the run from the church along with others that have discovered the horrible secret. Unfortunately, they soon find out that the church is the least of their worries. In addition to the church, there is a city inhabited solely by demons running rampant, searching for new bodies to inhabit; demons that have set their eyes on Nina and her group.

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Parker Stern, the main character of Corrupt Practices, begins the book as a formerly successful lawyer who has developed stage fright in the courtroom ever since the head of his law firm committed suicide. This stage fright has destroyed his career as a lawyer, so he takes a job as a law professor in an attempt to get his former life of success back.

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