The Candy Store
The Candy Store
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  • Historical Fiction
  • Science Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Teen orphan Jett Oxford hasn’t had much sweetness in her life. It’s 1981, and she’s hiding from the authorities, unwilling to go to foster care. Jett wants to study culinary arts, and she needs a thousand dollars to pay for tuition.


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It is the year 1981, and as an orphan with no recollection of her parents, a sixteen-year-old girl named Jett finds herself in quite the predicament. She has been running away from people who are trying to put her back into foster care, and is also attempting to find a chance to apply for college in order to start her career. Of course to be able to start college, she will need money to pay for the tuition. Then she has an incredible stroke of luck and finds a help wanted sign at a candy store called Watson’s Candies.

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Jett Oxford is the main character who was orphaned as a baby. As a teenager, avoiding social services, the cops and some bad guys keeps her busy, but she wants a future.  Life becomes even more interesting when she answers a help wanted sign in the window of a candy store. She has no idea that she is trapped in a time loop but the cunning she learned as an orphan will be the guiding light when she ends up in the past.


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