Dolls of Hope
Dolls of Hope
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  • Historical Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 8 - 12
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Set in Japan, Dolls of Hope is an inspiring story about eleven-year-old Chiyo Tamura. After sneaking into her sister’s omiai, Chiyo is sent to a school for girls in Tsuchiura. As she tries to make friends and fit in, Chiyo learns of an upcoming singing competition in which the winners will travel to Tokyo and sing a song of welcome to the Friendship Dolls from America. Chiyo finds herself in Tokyo singing to the Friendship Dolls, but in a surprising turn of events, becomes one of the most popular girls in Japan.

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Dolls of Hope is a compelling novel that mixes history with fictional characters. Chiyo Tamura is sent to a school in Tsushira, Japan, when she is thought of as not cultured enough. As soon as she arrives, she makes many friends, but also an enemy. Soon the word arrives that six girls are going to be sent to Tokyo to welcome the Friendship Dolls coming from America. Chiyo is one of them.  

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