Grateful Bob: Tommy Defeats the Dragon
Grateful Bob: Tommy Defeats the Dragon
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  • Educational

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  • 5 - 8
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Bob and Tommy are best friends. Bob has anxiety attacks. When Tommy finds out, he wants to help in any way possible, but he doesn't know how.

One day when he is in his room, he has a great idea. He knows how he can help Bob. He takes two of his toys with him the next time they meet and...

Find out how Tommy helps his friend in this amazing book!

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The story centers around two friends, Bobby and Tommy. Bobby realizes that Tommy is unhappy at times. He realizes that Tommy is often worried and anxious, and Bobby wants to help him.

Bobby wants Tommy to be happy and comfortable. He introduces Tommy to a new game. This game allows Tommy to defeat a dragon and conquer his fears. The game is a success!

Tommy is grateful that he has such a great friend like Bobby, and Bobby is proud that he could help him.

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