Little Worlds of Magic
Little Worlds of Magic
Little Worlds of Magic
The story about making new friends in a new town. Mason Garcia struggles to find new interests and make friends away from his surfing and his beloved ocean. In a town with no surfing he finds a spooky park just down the block from his new house. Is it haunted? Can everyone see the Punwees? He sees them through his bedroom window. They open a door in a walnut on the tree and stand on the branch of a tree. Spend time in the world of little people. Imagine that there are little people all around your house, yard, and school. Mason is sent to counseling because no one else sees the little people, and his parents think he is having trouble adjusting to the move. Is it always better to talk to someone about what is going on in your life? Can Mason find someone to play video games with beside the little people who are very competitive? Everyone serious about something knows what it is like when they meet people who are not as serious as they are. Practice your reading with this adventure. A good story to read in chapters. This fantasy will expand your vocabulary and introduce you to Mason's world. About The Author I'm an Oklahoma girl who spent thirty years living in the deep South. I'm an observer. Everything can be the basis of a good story. Story ideas are everywhere. No need to give you my dates like I've passed from this life. I'm here. It's now. Let's read. I write stories for children. The golden age of adventure when they can still use their imagination is between the ages of six and twelve. I love creating worlds for them to explore. Reading is so important. It is the gateway to their future. I live with two cranky cats in northeast Oklahoma. I’m a widow. I can be contacted: Like me on Facebook: marytkincaidauthor Follow me on Twitter: @marykincaid2001 Follow me on Pinterest: marytkincaidauthor/blogger Website: Mary Scroll up and grab your copy today.

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  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Special

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  • 8 - 12
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Mason Garcia is a young man with a military father. Because of this, he has to move frequently. This last move caused him to leave the ocean he loves for a sleepy little town where the only interesting place is a quiet park.

His new home becomes much more exciting when he finds that he has little people called the Punwees living all around. So the mystery begins...are the Punwees real? If so, who or what are they? Why can't anyone else see them?

Mason unravels the answers to these questions and manages to make some pretty great friends in the process.

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