Vampire Boy (Carpathia Chronicles Book 1)
Vampire Boy (Adventures of Alex Vambarey)
Vampire Boy (Carpathia Chronicles Book 1)
WINNER of the Reader Views Literary Awards, 2016-2017. WINNER of the Purple Dragonfly Awards, 2017.WINNER of the Pinnacle Awards, 2017.WINNER of the Silver Medal for Reader's Favorite Awards, 2017.WINNER of the Gertrude Warner Middle Grade Awards,                'The Adventures of Alex Vambarey is a masterpiece. This is the best children's book I have read in years after Rick Riordan." - Readers' FavoriteWhen Alex Vambarey attends his first year at the Carpathian Academy, he has no idea that there are other creatures besides vampires. He's never met a gargoyle, or a pixie for that matter. Of course he's read about them -- in the Vampedia -- but in real life? No way. And why in the world are all the janitors collecting dirt? That was just plain weird. No, there was definitely something bigger going on. Way bigger. And if he was right, it was hidden somewhere in the Night Gallery--the secret about Carpathia, and the secret about himself.          

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Humor

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Vampire Boy is a book about Alex Vambarey. Alex is a vampire living with his parents in a place called Hillock Green. Although he loves his home, he must now go to a school far away called Carpathian Academy. Attending Carpathian Academy will be his first experience with creatures who are not vampires. 

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