What Is A Tesseract? And Other Scientific Stuff
What Is A Tesseract? And Other Scientific Stuff: With Color Illustrations
What Is A Tesseract? And Other Scientific Stuff
This children's book explains the features of a tesseract, wheels within wheels, and a sphere within a sphere all within the context of dimensions.  Explore the 0th-4th dimensions with their unique points of view. Imagine  what it would be like to exist in each dimension. What can you do?  Where can you go?  What shapes can exist?  Ultimately, answering these questions can lead to a discovery of scientific concepts beyond the daily reality and above the mundane routines of life.

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  • Educational
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  • 8 - 12
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Tesseract. Point. Dimension. All of these words are math and science words that help us understand the world a whole lot better. There is a zeroth dimension, second and third dimensions, and even a fourth dimension. All of these are unique and are friends of scientists everywhere. In this book, get ready to go on a journey to discover the mysteries of science and the phenomenal knowledge that awaits you.

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