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If you’re in high school, you’ve probably been asked that fateful question: “Where are you going to college?” You might be lucky and have everything perfectly plotted out, but chances are, there’s still a lot of planning to do. The Career-Minded Student is here to help! From the basics of getting organized to the more complicated task of choosing a major, author Neil O’Donnell will guide you through the many questions you have about your future. There are many tips to help with the basics, like creating a professional email address, thinking before you post online, and having one folder per class. Even simple reminders to be polite and have a positive attitude are helpful in the midst of stressful college searches.


In case you’re looking on the job front, The Career-Minded Student still has your back! Resumes, cover letters, and internships are all explained in great detail. Newbies and experts alike are sure to find suggestions, such as asking feedback after unsuccessful interviews, unique and enriching.

The Career-Minded Student’s pearls of wisdom will guide you through the steps of becoming a student with a mindful plan for the road beyond graduation.


As a high school senior, I am all too conscious of the pressures that college-bound teenagers face. I wish that I had had a book like Neil O’Donnell’s The Career-Minded Student earlier, because it is a fantastic resource for ambitious high schoolers.


I liked how the book began with simple explanations of time management and study habits. Those tips are useful for both high schoolers and college students, since everyone has twenty-four hours in a day to use as wisely as possible. Charts and sample schedules offer readers the chance to easily integrate O’Donnell’s strategies into their lives. I will definitely be using his ideas to juggle my AP classes now and my college classes later.


Ideas on how to do well in class are also presented; hints include participating more and attending class every day. I found that to be a nice everyday kind of tip, rather than the usual guides that skip over the necessary basics and head straight to the tough stuff.


The book, of course, also has many sections about careers. I have not read many career guides yet, so much of the information was new to me. Luckily, the book is short and easy to read, plus there are often diagrams illustrating important concepts. Preparing for cover letters, internships, and interviews will be a snap if I follow the clearly written instructions.


The Career-Minded Student is a gem for high schoolers and college students who want to be prepared for a successful future.

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