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Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy
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Age at time of review - 11
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A mysterious and strange looking man has moved into an abandoned house on Hardscrabble Street, and the whole town is curious.

Gail, Jerry and Nancy meet their new neighbor, Dr. Fell, as he is moving in. They notice right away that there is something slightly strange about this man.

Dr. Fell immediately builds a magnificent playground as a gift to the children in the neighborhood. It is like nothing the children have ever seen!  Every child in town wants to play on it, even when they are supposed to be in school!

Gail, Jerry and Nancy notice that the children and their parents are all acting strangely, like they are under some sort of spell.  After seeing multiple friends become seriously injured on the playground and then suddenly healed after being tended to by Dr. Fell, the trio knows there is definitely something strange going on.

They make it a mission to find out Dr. Fell's secrets and exactly why he moved into their neighborhood.


This was an amazingly unique and creative story!  Dr. Fell was just as enchanting to me as he was to the folks that lived on Hardscrabble Street.

The author was so good at describing the characters, the playground and Dr. Fell's house that I could totally picture it in my mind.  I think this story would make a great movie!!

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Dr. Fell was a little spooky, but there was nothing inappropriate in this story. It is good for all ages who are able to read it.

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