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For most teenagers, the summer before senior year is filled with applications, sun, fun, and maybe a little summer romance. Shy and quiet Alex, daughter of an Air Force Colonel, comes to the Circe Air Force Base internship expecting all this; what she wasn’t expecting was aliens. Circe wasn’t an American Air Force Base used for training, but rather an Alien Operations Center. All different types of aliens come to Circe to make allies, train, share knowledge with other planets, and maintain peace in the universe.  Manners, diplomacy, and abiding by the rules are crucial to surviving on base and for protecting the people of earth. But when Alex is rescued by a mysterious dark-eyed alien, she finds herself breaking the number one rule for the whole base. Alex falls in love with a very dangerous alien. 


I have to hand it to Ms. Vernon, How to Date an Alien, was a pretty entertaining book. I enjoyed it very much. It was a light book that could relieve stress of the day. As much as I enjoyed How to Date an Alien, with its cuteness and lighthearted feel, I must give my honest opinion. At some points in the book I found myself cringing.

Here’s why: The book frustrated me at times. Several characters seemed to act out of their own person. Once those characters acted up, the story seemed awkward and the plot a little cloudy.  Fortunately this only happened a few times. Quickly though, the reader will forgive these tiny little ‘interruptions’ for the greater good—everything else.  Like Vernon’s beautiful scenes between Alex and Ace, and their adorable actions. I absolutely loved whenever Vernon described Circe and how it worked. Every time she mentioned a new alien and described them, I was fascinated. The Caltian aliens were especially interesting; their beings, relationships, and actions were the best described. It was a sweet and pleasant read after a long day. This book was not all sun shine and butterflies though, it had a few twists. The Caltian Queen’s “Night Walking” was a wonderful twist I thoroughly enjoyed. The other characters (like the interns) in the book were quite loveable too, each giving different elements to the book.

I think that my frustration with the ‘interruptions’ in the book just prove (to me) how much I really enjoyed it. So even though some characters made me frustrated, I would love to read the sequel to How to Date…, to find out just how Alex will handle the promise she made, -- I won’t spoil what it is, you’ll have to read and find out. 

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Alex does develop a relationship, a few characters make some inappropriate comments, but nothing scandalous-- just a friendly warning.




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