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Bullying is a well known topic all over the world. There are many different groups that try to put an end to it, but it seems they are only successful for so long. What if there was a group of mysterious masked persons who were more advanced and effective than the local police? There is such a thing in Mind Over Bullies. They call themselves M.O.B. They started out just helping local kids, but soon branched out to different continents and countries. The added brain power of the, eventually, five teens in the group do wonders. Unimaginable tech help them throughout their missions, and not only do they use it to help victims of bullying, they use it to help crack a counterfeiting case that has swept through the town. With many twists and turns, Mind Over Bullies will effectively leave you guessing, and will remind you that trust if a fragile thing. As well as help you understand how well some people hide behind a facade.



I’m happy to say that Mind Over Bullies held my full attention throughout the time I read it. Every time I picked it up, I never wanted to put it down. It was well written and easy to understand. Only every now and then was a little confusing as the different stories and points of view of different characters tied together. The life and actions of the characters is believable, and also developed through the book. For example, Margo started out the typical pretty, popular girl that didn’t care about anything but herself. By the end of the book, the change in her was great to see and one that I wish would happen in the real world. On a certain level, I could relate to the book in many ways. Whether it was the event of a friend stabbing you in the back, or the feeling that suicide was the only answer. I would definitely recommend this book to people who love an action packed story that takes many unexpected turns.

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Obviously throughout the book, there are many cases of bullying. Some which are worse than others, and some that include sexual bullying almost like hazing. There are counts of suicides, and attempts or thoughts of suicide. I would not read this with a young age class, I myself, as a young teen, was a little surprised at some of the content. If you do read it, be ready to discuss some of these issues and topics with your kid or kids.




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