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Genre - Adventure
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Packing Evil is a book about Pack and his best friend, Sydney. They both live normal lives in a normal town until one day when they go to help Pack's neighbor with her recycling. They're working with the recycling when they hear Mrs. Wamdoffer talking on the phone about her computer. It isn't working right, but the computer company can't send anyone to fix it for a while because they are too busy. She adds that she would pay them $75 if they can fix it.



While Sydney continues to work on the recycling, Pack gets the computer up and running and Mrs. Wamdoffer asks them both if they would like to come back the next morning to view her vintage motorcycle as a reward. They readily agree.



When they get there the next morning, expecting to look at her motorcycle, they see her being driven away. There are a bunch of people at her house who spin a wild tale about Mrs. Wamdoffer selling her house. Something seems fishy. Why would Mrs. Wamdoffer ask the kids to look at her prized possession and then skip out?



What is really going on? Did Mrs. Wamdoffer really sell her house? And will Pack and Sydney be able to find Mrs. Wamdoffer to see if she can explain what is going on?


Packing Evil is a very well-written book with lots of action that will keep your interest from start to finish. I loved the descriptions in this book; they really made it come alive and pop. For example, these are a couple sentences from the book: “Only the front porch railing was touched by the sun which lit up a row of pointy, red spindles. To Sydney they looked like bloody teeth waiting to grab her.” Also, it was interesting that the author had such a unique way to help out Pack when he was in trouble.

The one thing I felt it needed was a bit more structure and build-up in the beginning; it was a little rushed. I would recommend this book to ages 13 and up due to a bit of language, and to fans of books where the heroes have to go through challenges to get to their ultimate goal. Just to warn you, though, it has a cliffhanger ending. Hopefully the second book will resolve some of the questions the reader is left with.

Content Rating:

Content rating - some mature content

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Some language and violence.



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