Book Reviews by tlewis
Parents and caretakers will enjoy reading this ABC book to babies and toddlers. Each page highlights a letter of the alphabet with a corresponding object that starts with the featured letter.
This meaningful book is one for children and parents to cherish. It helps children develop care for themselves and confidence in who they are as people. Most letters on each page have two corresponding affirmations. For example:
A: I am artistic. I am awesome.
B. I am brilliant. I am beautiful.
When people think of twins, they often think of people who look and act alike. Some see twins as exactly the same person, but everyone is unique, no matter if they’re a twin or not.
In this meaningful picture book, The Only Me, by Marissa Bader, we are introduced to Stella, the narrator of the story, and her twin sister, Paige. They are twins, but they don’t look alike, and even though they have some similar interests, they are two very different people.
Edward the Egg: A Different Kind of Brave by Julia Fagundus is a cute story. It’s great for beginner readers who are eager to start chapter books. This book can be read independently or aloud with a grownup.

Poetic Poetry is an eclectic book of poetry that has something for everyone. Poems about nature, motherhood, relationships, and faith fill the pages of this book. In life, we have many experiences. Some of them make us feel joy, while others bring sorrow. Some experiences bring peace, while others bring turmoil. Brittany Benko captures the reality of life and how we can still find beauty even through the struggles we face.