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Poetic Poetry is an eclectic book of poetry that has something for everyone. Poems about nature, motherhood, relationships, and faith fill the pages of this book. In life, we have many experiences. Some of them make us feel joy, while others bring sorrow. Some experiences bring peace, while others bring turmoil. Brittany Benko captures the reality of life and how we can still find beauty even through the struggles we face.


Poetic Poetry is an easy-to-read collection of poems. As a mother myself, I could relate to the poems about motherhood -- about wanting the best for your child and wanting others to understand and accept a child's uniqueness. Brittany Benko's child has autism, which she touches on in some of her poems.
My favorite poems in this collection were the ones about nature. Brittany did a fantastic job capturing the beauty of the beaches and the mountains in the Carolinas. Through her writing, I was transported to these magical places.
While the subject matter of the poems was eclectic, the poetry forms used were not. All of the poems were written as one stanza, and most of them were written in the AABBCC rhyme scheme. It would have added to the book to have variation. 
The healing nature of poetry is evident in this book. Poetry gives us a chance to be reflective and work through life's challenges. It's also a way to capture the simple moments of life to hold on to them a little longer. 
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