Adam Undercover, The Consortium Directive (SERIES)
Adam Undercover, The Consortium Directive
Adam Undercover, The Consortium Directive (SERIES)
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An unhackable global crime syndicate. An assassination order on a diplomat and his family. A government powerless to help.The world is a small place when you're being hunted.Adam and Emma are used to being the youngest agents in the Arcanum Trivindico. Remarkable gadgets, vehicles, and advanced training continue to hone their talents as undercover operatives. A pair of new classmates and an unsanctioned assignment bring questioned loyalties and sparks of romance. As they battle their way across a jungle on an unfamiliar continent, each of them will be pushed to the limit to survive… and complete the mission.Look for the final episode (Book 3) in the trilogy coming in 2019!

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Series
  • Special

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  • 12 and up
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Adam and Emma return in Adam Undercover, The Consortium Directive. The two friends have become the youngest secret agents in the Arcanum Trivindico.  Having just survived their first dangerous undercover mission (not to mention the grueling schoolwork their teacher makes them do), they are enjoying a nice summer vacation.  Adam isn’t complaining about the break that he has been given, but near the end of it he starts to get really bored, which is why he is so excited to get the letter marking the start of his “private school.” 

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Adam has just finished the best school year of his lifetime. He has saved the world and has become a secret agent. Unfortunately, his parents do not and cannot know about what he has done.

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