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Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
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Age at time of review - 13
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Adam has just finished the best school year of his lifetime. He has saved the world and has become a secret agent. Unfortunately, his parents do not and cannot know about what he has done. As the secrets are welling up inside of him, he cannot wait to get back to the world that he knows, the world of a secret agent. When he does, he finds out that the son of the person most hated by the organization Adam works for is joining him at his secret agent school. Things are tense.


The most wanted man from the organization, Reznik, has killed his wife and lost his son. As a result, he sinks himself into his evil work. When he does, he creates an “eBay for evil,” so to speak. People can buy evil services and sell them too. Can they stop Reznik without revealing what is going on to his son? Can his son be trusted? Will the students be able to help, or do the adults hold them back because they are "just kids"? Find out in this amazing book.



This is a really good book because of the reality. Just like Harry Potter, the author spins a web of present day aspects of family and relationships, then adds a twist of unusual to make you believe that something like getting recruited by a secret organization might actually be real. That combined with the real world characters, personality complexity, and hormones adds up to an exciting story filled with adventures and friendships (or maybe a little more than friends).

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