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How to Date an Alien: My Alien Romance
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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In How to Date An Alien: My Alien Romance, Alex is a high school student. The story takes place in the summer before her senior year. During an interview with a Columbia college recruiter, she says she has an internship at Circe, the Air Force base where her dad works. The story takes place during this internship at Circe that her father gets her. When Alex arrives, she discovers that Circe is in fact an alien operations center. She is attacked by an alien, but is saved by another alien, who she later learns to be Ace. She meets with the other interns, who are college students, two of whom she will be sharing a room with. Alex then learns that she will be working with Ace during her internship. When they are in the lunchroom later, Ace saves her life yet again. She eventually enters a relationship with him. Many disapprove of this human-alien relationship and it causes many challenges for Alex and Ace. Not only is their relationship threatened though, their very lives are as well. 


This book was well-written and quite enjoyable. There were twists along the way, although some of twists may be predictable. I thought this book did a good job explaining the reasoning behind most things that at first did not make sense to me. I do wish the book was a little longer though, as I feel like there could have been more to it. The book also did a good job developing most of the characters, so that few, if any, were one-dimensional villains or heroes. I would recommend this book for readers ages 12-16 who are interested in a good alien romance.

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I did not notice any cursing in this book. There was definitely no drugs. There may have been one mention of alcohol. Some mentions of sex, but only that. A good bit of kissing.




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