Jacmuir: Gestation (Jacmuir Prequel Series Book 1)...
Jacmuir: Gestation (Jacmuir Prequel Series) (Volume 1)
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Faith-based

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As a prequel to the Jacmuir series by Angeline M. Bishop, “Jacmuir: Gestation,” takes place while three characters, Xavor, Natro, and Resna, are college students at Jacmuir University. Told in just 22 pages and through multiple first person perspectives, this novella follows these three students as they prepare for a night of relaxation and fun at the semester's biggest party, only for it to take an unforeseen turn that changes the students' lives and perception of each other forever.


Bishop utilizes a compelling use of first person narrative that flows smoothly while providing a visual reading experience through evocative descriptions that complement the dialogue rather than distract from it.


While a fast read, “Jacmuir: Gestation” makes the most out of its 22 pages with thoughtfully constructed characters and lifelike conversations. It’s a great read for those in between moments of free-time such as riding public transport, waiting for class, or taking a break at work.


While it may be helpful to read the rest of the series, it’s not necessary to have read it before reading this prequel as it does a wonderful job of introducing its characters.


Because of the way that the author uses relatable anecdotes and an accessible narrative style, this story feels real from start to finish. While taking a more serious turn without surrendering some moments of humor, Bishop adeptly brings an unexpected depth to this lightweight short story.


With an ambiguous and somewhat abrupt ending, this prequel novella entices new readers by making them want to discover the rest of the characters' stories, while also providing an interesting background to the series for those who have already read it.

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Content rating - mature content

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This book contains discussions and a scenario of self-infliction (cutting) and may be disturbing or triggering to some readers.




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