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Genre - Fantasy
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Moon of the Goddess is a story that has Greek Mythology written all over it. After a palace’s quiet is disturbed by the news that the princess had been kidnapped, her brother takes on an odyssey to bring her back. On her own end, the princess learns to be strong and brave, and finds faithful friends in the face of danger. Though with a small task force of trusted friends and a priestess, the prince vows he will find his sister and rescue her from an unknown fate; or die trying. As the odyssey unravels, the princess, prince, and even the gods themselves find adversaries and friends in even the most distant of places, and the journey leaves a mark in everyone's heart.







Moon of the Goddess is definitely one of my favorite book to read and review so far. The author is a complete genius to bring the words, characters, and actions together in such a compelling way. I’ve already loved Greek Mythology. The book just brought that feeling to life. The princess has a determination to reach her goal, and keeps a clear head even in the most confusing of times. The prince and the others on the odyssey have their limits put to the test, which always gives a sense of mystery and endurance that come with the best books. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Happy Reading!



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